Wednesday, July 4, 2012

change management: the boy on summer vacation

back from vacation, and i've got a little bit to share. perhaps tomorrow.

but today is hard. 

the boy is on summer vacation. which means he's breaking in a new nanny - who's not new at all.  she's been a part of our family for while now, actually. she's been nannying our little girl since january. which means the boy has known her since then. 

but since our nanny's never really been "in charge" of his welfare, let's just say that this morning, he's resisting any and all attempts she makes to endear herself to him. which is putting it mildly. there was a holy tornado of screaming outside my home office (bedroom) door. 

on the plus side, he told her that he didn't want to be carried because he had to pee. so, our focus on potty training over the last three days has been effective. (insert dance of joy here.)

the boy is now cooling off in his room. and my heart breaks a little, to see him so distressed, even though i know that his resistance to this change is truly non-threatening. i am literally a room away and can hear everything. not to mention the fact that it's only 5 whole hours of childcare that doesn't involve either one of his parents.

but there is no backing down here. this is where tough love needs to be forged of steel. the boy needs to understand that even though he doesn't like his current circumstances, he still has choices to make: to stay in his room or to choose to make friends; to choose to stay sulky or to find a way to make some fun out of a less desirable situation. 

and now to get on with a choice i have to make: to get focused and stay focused on getting some good headway on my current job-that-pays project, unhappy toddler notwithstanding.


a belated happy canada day to my fellow canadians! i love this country. i am grateful to have been brought here. i am proud my children were born here. 

happy independence day to my friends and family in the states! 

i hope y'all are having a great week so far!


  1. That must be so tough to be a room away and listen to that go on.
    When I have worked it was always away from home. It that way it is easier.
    Stay strong mama!!! It will work out.
    I am currently potty training my strong willed toddler too.
    Happy 4th to you too!

  2. thanks alma! day 2 and it's still a challenge. hope you had a fabulous 4th in your new home.

    working at the office is not really an option at the moment... but i am definitely working towards that!

    thanks for the positive energy, margo