Tuesday, July 31, 2012

chin up and muddling through

i had to move my work area to our living/dining space tonight because of some unforeseen project deadline-related circumstances.

so if i must be working late, i may as well keep some creature comforts close by: hydrangeas from the garden, candles, and just a little knitting. which reminds me, some tea would be nice.

and the olympics. this is the only time of day i ever get to catch up on the olympics. 

i swam competitively for the philippines when i was little. all the butterfly events make my heart race. all of them.


  1. Nice cozy nook there.
    How great you swam competively!
    I have missed the Olympics due to Internet or cable. Bad storm hit us hard a week ago. Hope to be back up soon.

    1. oh goodness! i trust that now all is up and running and that you and your family are able to catch up!