Thursday, July 19, 2012

new heights of... late night knitting desperation

that's a headlamp, folks. a headlamp (a very pretty headlamp).

for late night knitting in bed... so as to not bother the wife because she typically gets up before dawn to get to work. 

(also comes in handy for checking in on the kids before finally surrendering to shut-eye)

i know. i shake my own head at myself.

(and i'm also super stoked. tee hee!)


  1. Replies
    1. ... or obsession... or stupidity (because sleep needs to happen at some point). take your pick! :)

  2. That is so awesome! I would feel like a badass miner with my badass needles creating my own gold. My hero ;)

  3. badass is certainly another way to look at it! creating gold, however... the jury is out! lol loved this comment! thank you.