Friday, July 20, 2012

{gorgeous moments}: yarn bomb sighting!

the day we went to spanish banks, the wife and i felt like going for a very long walk. so, after we'd had just about enough of beach combing, we walked from spanish banks to broadway and arbutus, with only two short stops in between (thank you solly's and thomas haas).

just as we were coming out of jericho beach's forest path (where the vancouver folk festival was in full swing), we crossed the street and happened upon a yarn bombing!

i was so excited, i squealed like a little girl who just got tickets to her favourite concert!

and then i proceeded to take some photos,


just before clicking my heels and skipping away with my family towards home.

don't they just make you so happy? they make me downright giddy, anyway. 

think about it... someone, somewhere, perhaps a neighbourhood dweller, just thought it might be nice to decorate an otherwise non-descript fence around a patch of grass (that will likely be some sort of condo-cum-retail establishment... or parking lot) with knitted flowers! then this person (or group of people), dove into their beloved yarn stash and proceeded to knit each of these flowers, petal by petal, leaf by leaf, from scratch. and then, i imagine, said knitterly posse got dressed up in their finest mission impossible gear, in the middle of the night, to sew each flower (and cloud) securely in place so that passers-by can appreciate their lovely yarn art installation.

i certainly have no such initiative or imagination to do anything of the like. (i cuddle babes and clean up their vomit in the middle of the night. there is currently no room in my life for covert art installation missions.)

wishing you a fantastic weekend!


  1. love this! my life is so sucky today. wish i was there with you.getting ready to go camping today, and not even that reduces the anxiety in my guts. sigh. these are lovely. need to choose to make my life more like these.

    1. sorry to hear you life felt sucky when you happened upon my blog. saw some of the camping photos and dearly wish we were there with you. the wife often talk about that time we went camping together, honestly some of our best memories ever in this provinces. then again, a lot of the time we spend with you guys fall under that category.

      but yes. more creating. more sharing. i am working to returning to the spirit of these too. i feel as though i have lost my way a bit.

  2. after I heard some sad news in the world today of senseless violence ... this brighten up my spirits. More random acts of kindness to cheer people should be done.
    Thanks for this, have a great weekend.

    1. i'm glad the yarn bomb did its thing to lift your spirits. i, too was very saddened about yet another, as you put it, "senseless" moment in our north american history. i can't wrap my mind around it.

      i hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Cool! I guess yarn bombing is such a thing. We need some of that here around the neighbourhoods.

    cousin/ninong joe

    1. a lot of yarn bombing happens around yarn stores and yarny events. the remarkable thing about this one is that there wasn't a yarn store for blocks and blocks and blocks around. so yes. more random acts of art would be pretty darn awesome.

      hope all is well cousin joe!