Friday, July 6, 2012

{gorgeous moments} some highlights from our toronto vacation

i have a lot to say about the 10 days we spent in toronto. but the long and the short of it is that while we didn't see everyone we wanted to see, or do every single thing we wanted to do, we had a really, really great time. 

these photos, by no means, represent all of the things that made this past visit to our hometown feel like a real vacation. 

in fact, many of my most favourite moments could not, would not, be captured digitally. because above all, i chose just to be present. or not. on vacation. unhampered by my self-imposed duties to... do anything except enjoy the family and friends we did have an opportunity to see, really. and that choice all by itself, well... was bliss.

so some of these photos represent the rare moments of stillness and quiet reflection. others reflect consciously enforced pauses to appreciate where we were and what we were doing at the time. and indeed, in some cases, the photos were taken by those who volunteered to help us stay in the moment.

the kids had such fabulous adventures - with and without us.

(but of course there was knitting! and late night baking!)
there were so many firsts for all of us.

the wife and i also managed to have a few adventures of our own: moments in fact, that have only ever belonged to us as we visited old haunts and rediscovered just how much has changed since the years when wandering was sometimes our only option for togetherness.

we didn't pride it up this time around. but it was enough to be among our chosen family on pride weekend. more than enough. 

(watching the new generation interact is really something to behold. it's like being witness to a break in the time-space continuum where the past, present, and future collide to reveal the miracle that the children represent to their parents and to each other. it's really hard to articulate but it's pretty darn cool.)

it has to be said that our collective families and friends really did outdo themselves this time - in the most conceivable, inconceivable, and incredibly generous ways. 

you know who you are. i am absolutely unable to express my gratitude for the space, time, expense, and love you showered us with when we were there. so i will borrow from shakespeare when i say, "silence is the perfectest herald of joy. i were but little happy, if i could say how much"

my cup runneth over. thank you.

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