Sunday, July 8, 2012

us being us

just look at her!

she's at the beach and all she wants to do is get back inside the stroller. (practicing her parade wave, perhaps?)

just look at him!

it's all build, dive, and destroy all the time. (what is up with that?)

just look at the wife!

well... she is always lovely. but she does look a bit... mama bored shovelling sand into a pail (it was my turn to relax and do what i wanted. i think i took out my knitting and didn't actually knit.)

just look at me!

i've got that hands-on-hip, perma-exasperated look on my face, mama thing going on. (it was the wife's turn to relax. she read for a bit. but missed us so she walked up to where we were and snapped this photo.)

just us being us, really. 

i'm bracing myself for a difficult week full of deadlines and reviews at the job-that-pays. couple that with family life and well, let's just say that if i get some whole cooking in at all, and even a tiny bit of quality time with the wife, that'll be enough to make my week.

i'll be back tomorrow with some knits to show you. in the mean time, hope you have a fabulous start to your week!

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