Wednesday, July 11, 2012

knit parade on tour: christening set (in which i begin by babbling about knitting and pretending)

so i've already managed to work an entire extra day and a half this week (at the-job-that-pays) and it's only wednesday. there are deadlines you see. and i was feeling all bummed out and broken about the fact that what i submitted wasn't quite what i wanted to submit for review, when i got my feedback and it was all the tiniest knitpicky formatting, terminology, stuff. apparently, the content and overall design of my learning materials were apparently (and i daresay impressively) sound, despite what felt like really grudgy crap work (because what i've been trying to do is squeeze a month of development time into 2 weeks).

so i did a happy dance! and to celebrate, i spent like, a good half an hour pretend-shopping for yarn at my favourite online haunts. i pretend-spent waaaay too much money (whole sweater and shawl yardages worth of the most exquisite yarns for each family member plus some for christmas knitting). which reminded me that i don't have that kind of money to spend. which isn't so much depressing because i'm not even allowed to buy yarn until next year.

except i did. i bought these lovelies in toronto when the wife and i unintentionally-intentionally went yarn crawling about the city.

aren't they purdy? i got the yarn at lettuce knit (where i happened to meet someone very cool and knit-famous who actually knows my pretend-blogger-bff's (soulemama and yarnharlot) and i played it so cool she didn't even know i knew who she was).

now, i only allowed myself to buy these blue moon fiber arts socks that rock beauties because my darling grandmother was so thrilled with the socks i made her, that she gave me some money! i know right? seriously? so naturally, i bought yarn. 

these lovelies are going to be shawl for me. i'm thinking mara or damson but the jury is still out because i have a bunch of hats and mitts and socks to plow through before fall.

and now for a small parade.

the girl's christening set
as you may have gathered, the girl got christened in toronto. i  made her a shrug and a hat for the occasion, my first forays into lace knitting. and i daresay i rather enjoyed it a lot. 

i wasn't crazy about the way the shrug fit. it was hard to get her into it... but love the way it looks. 

(photos taken by one the girl's godmothers)

i made some modifications to the hat pattern, intending it to be a bit more suited to the ensemble.

i wish i could show it to you... and i will, once i find it. (we haven't quite gotten organized since we've gotten back. on the list of things to do. right after the everyday stuff and the six load of laundry we always manage pile up by this time in the week.)

but the girl didn't end up wearing it at all anyway. firstly, it was an insanely hot day in toronto. secondly, the priest did not ask for it. which is a bit odd because he asked us for cap when the boy was being christened and we didn't have one. which is why i knit the hat in the first place. i'm hoping the hat will fit at least until the spring. because you know what they say about wearing white after labour day. 

the yarn i used was elisabeth lavold silky wool. and don't you know my love for silky wool blends just grew stronger.

i've still got some mawata. anyone know if i can drop spindle mawata? i'm gonna google it and pretend i have the time to add yet another hobby to my days.

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