Monday, July 23, 2012

knit parade on tour: gifted in the t-dot

been meaning to show you this. just because i'm extra proud.

a vest for my nephew
this was such a simple and quick knit! and i really loved duplicate stitching my nephew's first initial on the vest.

i'm thinking about doing matching vests for my babes, too... but i'm trying to assess their wardrobe to see if they even need the layer. i don't want to knit wastefully.

booties for a  new babe
i should've taken a picture of my old friend, when she was preggers, holding these booties. i finished knitting them in the car en route to see her (i held my breath the whole time while madly knitting the i-cords). the baby girl for which these booties were intended is now here and i'm so glad i left her the pair to cozy up to in early fall. i made them larger on purpose knowing just how quickly the girl outgrew the newborn pairs i knit her way back when (was that just a year ago?).

that's it for now. more coming soon, obviously.

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