Friday, July 27, 2012

the way it's been

in the last two weeks, i've managed to work two workdays more than i'm technically paid to work. 

the workshop materials i've been working on have, this morning, been sent to the clients for the second round of reviews. 

my brain is mush.

i am so grateful to have a job. but i'm even more grateful its the weekend.

to celebrate, i really want to buy yarn. but i won't. (i bought patterns instead)

now, i'm going to take this little boy, who camps outside my office door because he's still not too sure of his nanny, out for a little walking date - just as soon as i've finished the need-to-have-done tasks i've set out to do today.

there will be no thoughts of the job-that-pays this weekend. absolutely definitely none.

enjoy your weekend!

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