Monday, July 9, 2012

knit parade: a dress for my girl

i had a lot of silly anxiety over just how many projects i would pack with me on our trip to toronto. i packed four. but finished just this one, while there, and assembled it today.

it's the elise sundress by jane richmond, knit with knitpicks cotlin

i am smitten.

it's such a simple knit. just around and around. 

and then you add the little crotchet details and all of a sudden it's all sweetness and light.

i should have probably made this one a bit longer. i should have also tried it on the girl as i went... but i know better for next time. and i do believe i might just squeeze another one out of my needles before the summer is over. 

i suppose it's fine for now... the mini dress length doesn't hamper her mobility. and she can eventually wear the dress as a top as her legs continue to grow.

another happy knit ending. 


  1. gah! what a sweetie! I love it!

  2. this is absolutely adorable!!! i don't have a daughter.. but i really REALLY want to knit this now! love the colour you've chosen too! xo

    1. thank you so much! it was such a fun knit! i'm looking forward to "clearing" my wip path so i can make another before the summer is over. (although it's not really been a summer in vancouver at all)