Thursday, June 21, 2012

gone to the t-dot

it's going to be a whirlwind extravaganza as our parents have set out to give us the experience of a toddler's dreaming and a bit of a refreshed gastronomic tour. 

src: design sponge
art by julia rothman
(do you know where i can get this image 

as a print? i'm in love with it.)

the t-dot is a commuting city. everywhere we go is at least a 20-minute drive to our destination and i am well-nigh giddy with the opportunities to knit (what with the kids strapped into car seats and all!). so obviously, i'm bringing along some knitting. and i'm having a bit of trouble deciding what to bring.

i will spare you my inner logic. but i think i've narrowed it down to four projects: a scarf for the wife, the second sock from my second pair of patchwork socks, a dress-in-progress for the girl and a shirt for the boy. 

but i really want to bring enough yarn for 2-3 hats and a pair of gloves... too much?

i have no hope of finishing any or all of these projects in the short time we are away but the possibility of having knitting in my hands every time i'm in the car (which will be a lot) is just too much to pass up. and i'm not allowed to buy yarn, remember? which means i have to bring my own. 


we are doing our best to squeeze in time with friends and family but i'm afraid 10 days isn't enough to revisit an entire life lived in our home town. such is the dilemma of every homecoming. 

i'll try to send postcards (and perhaps even take the knit parade on tour) along the way.

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