Sunday, June 10, 2012

mothering soundbyte: momma fail

me: something something something (i can't remember now)
the boy: huh?
me: instead of saying, "huh?" it's better to say, "pardon?"
the boy: pardon?
me: yes. it's just the more polite way of asking someone to repeat what they said. it sounds nicer.
the boy: (something indiscernable)
me: huh?

on the ferry to victoria last weekend

so much for leading by example.


  1. i often find myself where i eat not my foot but my whole limb. Later on you realize they were listening even though it did not sink in then.
    This made me giggle!

  2. lol i have some experience in this already. humility lessons are rampant in parenthood, aren't, they? sigh.