Sunday, June 3, 2012

{gorgeous moments}: at the farm

friday weekly ritual (modified from its original inception), where i share a photograph or two (or more) featuring my favourite moment(s) from the week. 

and technically... these photos are from last week. (ahem)

the same day we went to the woods, we went to the farm. my brother and his lady friend fully admit to "using" my children as an excuse to going to a petting zoo. 

we'd been to maplewood farm before.

in 2011, my dad  happened to be in town for the boy's second birthday. so i talked him into driving our little family all the way to north vancouver so that my littles can meet some farm animals for the first time.

it was a very wet sort of spring day. the rain stopped just long enough for us to enjoy the grounds for a little while. and we found the walk around the farm so charming. especially because i think we were the only ones there.

this year,  we were late for all the sheep shearing festival events, having just come from the woods. and this time, i got fixated on photographing the animals.

in 2011, i thought the boy was so strapping, having just turned two. (who knew that all that baby fat would melt away in a year?

this year, the wouldn't leave the bunnies alone.

here he is telling his sister all about how to approach and pet the bunnies.

in 2011, the girl was just about three weeks old.  

now, at almost 15 months, she's already training to be a farm hand.

time really does fly.

thank goodness for remembering to enjoy the ride.

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