Tuesday, June 12, 2012

growing pains

i mentioned at some point that we’ve been working on the kids’ room.

well, the boy decided last night that he was sleeping in his room.

just like that.

i stayed with him in his sister’s bed-to-be (she’s still nursing after all) until he fell asleep. Then hours later, he fell off his bed.


when I came in to soothe him, i immediately carried him to our bed. he protested and asked me to bring him back to his bed. so I did.

he woke up once more, at which point, I collapsed beside him.


the boy spent an entire night in his own room.

and tonight... tonight the girl is in there too. in her own bed.

just like that: one phase over, another begun.

proud-making and a little heart-aching all at once. on one hand, we can give ourselves a parenting pat on the back. our son is building his confidence and developing a sense of independence. and our daughter, we're giving her permission to do the same. 

on the other hand... i think i need a hug.


  1. sweet, and very impressive! I mean you've raised a son who is secure and independent. that's impressive.Ss to the falling out of the bed, you should pick-up a couple of those bed rails or whatever they're called. they will resolved that. i'm sure you could find them on craigslist, very common. just slip the legs under the mattress.

    love to everyone.

  2. we thought of getting those or doing it like mcgyver and repurposing the old crib rails. last night was better though... i used the youpillow to "hug" him and it worked. he didn't fall off the bed. and when he woke up in his room, he walked to our room for a hug (and then asked to go back to his room).

    the girl didn't last long in her bed, though. teething. oh well.

    love to you all too!