Friday, June 15, 2012

{gorgeous moments} at the river beach

this week  has been mostly wretched with rain. we're getting a little sun today but the next few days promise to be wet, as well.

and the reason for my weather report is because i was looking back at my favourite moments from last weekend. 

when it was like the summer it should be now (you know, that we've arrived at mid-june). so we found ourselves, once again, in fraser river park, where we enjoyed some time in the sun and sand.

the boy was in heaven.

the girl (who has missed almost every beach trip we've made because she was fast asleep) was in curious discovery mode. having just woken from a nap, this was the first time those little bare feet have been allowed to touch sand.

we stayed at the park all afternoon. and we vowed to pack a beach bag so we are always ready to go to river beach-combing whenever we felt like it.

but come july and august, when the weather gets properly hot, it's to the ocean beaches we'll head. i already know it will be quite the trek, being without a vehicle, as we are. but it will also be worth the blissfully tired sun-soaked bodies at the end of the day. 

it's been quite the busy week. i longed for this friday as soon as it began. now that it's here, i am so grateful. and looking forward to the moment when i can officially breathe in the weekend and exhale the work-week. 

wishing you a lovely weekend! 

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