Saturday, June 2, 2012

awarded with liebster love

when i began writing this blog on the first day of the year, i had very specific goals:

: to rediscover my capacity to be creative
: to stay focused on living simply
: to commit to getting outside
: to share my current obsessions with the universe: mothering, knitting, and food
: to commiserate with the soul of the universe in some way, any way
: to document life with the loves of my life
: to celebrate any luck that comes my way
: to savour every moment of bliss

i never imagined that more than four people would come here regularly (that's the wife, our kelowna family, maybe cousin joe, and me).  

but the other day, a fellow raveller, but otherwise perfect stranger (and now virtual friend), left this comment in my last entry:
"The heart of your blog inspires me and I nominated you for the Liebster blog love award."
so very kind.

i had no idea what in the world the liebster blog award was, but hannah describes the honour perfectly on her blog:

"liebster" means "dearest" in German and the award is given to up-and coming, read-worthy blogs with less than 200 followers.

how cool is that? not to mention heartening and humbling.

i definitely have less than 200 followers but i have received personal notes from friends, family, and acquaintances that have taken the time to continue the conversation i started here, either by commenting, or in other ways.

whether you know it or not, your energy helps to keep me focused on the goals i set when i decided to open a window into my family life, and unto the universe.

when you accept the liebster blog award, you have to pay it forward and nominate five liebster-worthy bloggers and share 5 things about yourself. so here goes.

five liebster blog award nominations: 
i rarely share on facebook anymore. i don't pin. and i don't tweet. there just isn't enough time in a day as it is. but i read quite a few blogs regularly... out of interest, yes. but mostly to derive creative inspiration and fresh perspective. here are five of my favourite inspiration, perspective, and liebster-worthy resources:

1. bedelia designs
celia and her family found me and my family when we were pregnant with our eldest children in our prenatal class. somehow, we managed to become and stay friends. she and the wife were even pregnant together with our second children. celia is a terrific mom but she's also an artist and illustrator. on her blog, she shares her newest work, her process, and deals on her illustrated prints! 
one of my favourite prints from
bedelia designs

jenna is celia's illustrator friend. i don't know her personally. but her blog and illustrations therein are hilarious portrayals of mothering and motherhood. overall, her sense of humour makes me feel better about life. i think she may have quite a following already. but i honestly think more moms need access to the frankness of her exaggerated humour.

latest blog entry from mom illustrated
3. pi'lo
i don't know the designer behind pi'lo personally but i have always admired the quiet specificity of her esthetic. her point of view as a maker, artist, and person is a stark contrast to mine. but i find it refreshing because there is something to be said about the nuance of detail in the images and objects she shares as she fixates. i know that the artist is quite prolific in the handmade world - what with anthropologie choosing to stock some of her stuff in toronto. but i am not sure about whether her blog has a following quite yet so i thought i'd share the liebster love with her, too.

a photo of vintage textiles
from the pi'lo blog

4. sam lamb 

a blogger from toronto who mainly features what she makes on her blog. i know of her because i ravel. and i've made her toddler vest design twice, one for each of my babes and one of my completed projects is on her pattern page. she has lovely knitterly taste. and while, i don't sew and don't really aspire to sew, i wish i could sew like she can.

something sewn by sam lamb

5. ummashin
who honoured me with the liebster blog award nomination in the first place. i've been following her on and off for a few months now. and the spirit of her blog is quite similar to mine. she writes about yarn, knitting, and her adorable kids. and she's been to purlsoho. all of my favourite things. so we have quite a lot in common. you will also marvel at the speed at which she knits.
hannah at purl.
photo source: ummashin

five things about me you may not have known?
  1. i swim like a fish.
  2. one of the things i love most about having children is that they sing vocal exercises back to me. it's like having my own personal choir at home sometimes. we are constantly singing things back to each other. 
  3. i don't have a driver's license. it's a longer story than a want to tell. but i will say that if i don't get my driver's license soon, i'm afraid it will become one of those things i fear i'll never get. gotta fix that.
  4. in addition to wishing my children the life of their dreaming, as well as growing old and staying healthy with the wife, i dream of moving to nova scotia, keeping chickens, and working at a really cool yarn store when i retire.
  5. since high school, my favourite any-time-of-day meal has been a well-toasted bagel with cheddar cheese, accompanied by chocolate milk. my taste in bagel, cheese, and chocolate milk have quite matured since (my bagel of choice is now flaxseed, my cheese of choice is gruyere, and the chocolate milk i drink is now organic), but i still relish the combination every bit.


  1. oh wow, you're so kind! this is a lovely initiative and i'm so tickled you included me. it's such a great reminder of the real support and inspiration we can find in this virtual world. thank you.

    p.s. your retirement dream sounds 100% perfect.

  2. thank you! it is a great initiative that certainly promotes a sense of community... mmmm retirement dream. just a sparkle in mine eye at the mo'.