Monday, April 2, 2012

outside, egg decorating, etc

on sundays, i have the very distinct pleasure of being home alone with the kids. because it ended up being such a beautiful day, and because our home was already trashed by 10am, i decided that being outside would be best. 

our walk was short, but sweet. not least because i didn't have to look at the mess at home, but mostly because when it's just the kids and me and outside, whatever collective crankiness we developed from our morning rut disappears, because we can just enjoy the day - and each other, away from house rules and restrictions. 

and then we got to decorate easter eggs. i am ever so grateful for our neighbours, who are fast becoming our friends. i don't know how i would've managed 2 kids (or decorated any eggs, myself) otherwise.

our finished products are on the bottom left. i love them so. an emptied a few so (that there's a chance) we can keep them for many years. the hardboiled eggs don't stand a chance against the boy's appetite for peeling them.

i also got to try my hand at making pysanky for the first time yesterday, thanks to the wife.

so fun. but i don't think traditional designs are my thing. i um, just freehanded my own designs. and i like them just fine - shaky hand and all.

all in all, not a bad weekend. much busier than i would have liked. but not bad at all.

how was your weekend? 

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