Friday, March 30, 2012

{gorgeous moments}

when i began this blog in the beginning of the year, i decided that fridays would feature {this moment} - copying adopting the ritual originated by soulemama, featuring a single photograph, without words.

i am finding, however, that seldom is it that there is only one photo in the week i would like to feature. not to mention the fact that most often, i really do want to share why the moment i've managed to capture is so special. and so i hereby discontinue my {this moment} posts in favour of a new friday ritual.

{gorgeous moments}, borrowing its original inspiration from soulemama's ritual, will still be all about the photos but will  feature any number of moments that merit savoured remembrance. sometimes there will be words. sometimes there won't be. it's my party after all. 

here are some of my favourite moments from earlier in the week, taken from our twilight tuesday trip to the aquarium, on the eve of the boy's birthday.

in between chasing the boy - and the girl, there are always moments of collective discovery: an opportunity to catch our breath and watch the babes process all that is new and revisit all that they know so far. 

looking on in wonder at the natural world, all four of us, all over again = my favourite.

discovering anemones
enoki mushroom-like tendrils 

crab encounter

whale watching

friendliest harbour seal

seal follows the hand

plays peek-a-boo

jellyfish rock

they really do

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