Wednesday, March 21, 2012

first walk of spring

it was by coincidence that we collectively jumped at the chance to get outside and take a walk on this first day of spring. really, we've all been in and out of ill for the last three weeks (or more), i honestly could not remember the last time we went for a walk for the sake of it.

so we took a turn around the train tracks, just to find our outdoor feet again.

it was so much colder than we would've wanted. this cold spell we've been experiencing - not my favourite.

but i don't think this little girl noticed. were the ground warm enough, i might have just let her crawl and toddle at leisure.

there is always so much to explore in the community gardens. so many of our neighbours are starting to prepare to start their gardens in earnest.

but some of the things i admired were around all winter. 

these teeny succulents are so adorable!

but for the cold we probably would've stayed out longer.

hello spring. it's nice to see you again. isn't it time it warmed up again please? 

pretty please? 


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