Friday, March 16, 2012

catching up: belated birthday girl report

pardon my absence. it turns out that the cold i thought i thwarted with a bit of r & r has had this family walloped. the wife and kids are still sick and i have been hit harder then they. i lost my voice yesterday and my body still seems intent on keeping me horizontal but i refuse to concede. mostly, because i can't. duty calls. even if i called in sick to the paying job, my kids still need me to be their mama. and so i'm up, working, typing, and finally - after days of quiet, blogging.

the girl had a lovely birthday, surrounded by the people she knows and loves, as well as visiting grandparents she's still getting to know.

we had hoped to take her for a solo park date with her moms after dropping her brother off at school. but the rain had other ideas for us. so we hung out in a nearby cafe where we let the girl indulge in her first taste of a cinnamon roll.

after which, were continued party preparations.

it was all about keeping things simple and remembering the day the girl was born.

i wish i had just one good picture of us blowing out the candle. in my sick brain fog, i didn't think to turn on even one light to allow me to take a good photo of the girl's bewilderment and the boy's persistence at being the one to blow out the candle. duh.  

to boot, the pics we took didn't even turn out that fabulous. i got a new camera and i'm still learning how to use it. i find it takes great photos in good light but needs to be tempered somehow in darker lighting. hmn. ah well.

all in all, we celebrated the girl. and that what is most important.

and the crown? we finished it, just in the very nick of time. and she loves it. so yay!

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