Friday, March 23, 2012

{this moment}

friday ritual i've adopted from one of my favourite mama bloggers, soulemama.

each week, she (and others she's inspired) shares a single photograph, without words, of a moment to be savoured and revisited.

this week, i'm going to break "the rules" and give you all the reasons i am in love with this photo:

: the tulips the wife planted for me last fall are growing.

: there are tulips from peeking the hole inside the stump we brought with us when we moved here last year.

: unbeknownst to either of us, the boy planted those bulbs in the stump. i guess he took some when the wife wasn't looking and stuffed them in last fall.

: the wife carried that stump two blocks from the school near our old place, and up three stories, to our old apartment. she was five months pregnant with the girl at the time.

: the girl is smiling in this pic. and for some reason, until now, i haven't been such a quick draw at capturing that smile. it occurs often. and it's my favourite.

: the girl is clad entirely in clothes previously worn by the boy at this age - save the hat, which i made with my hands.

happy friday!!!

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