Wednesday, March 7, 2012

knit parade: what progress looks like

things that happened on sick day:

: the boy decided it would be a good idea to decant soggy cereal into the remaining 3rd of a gallon of milk. we made him drink the milk anyway.

:the daughter decided to eat chalk. thankfully, we invest in the "good kind." blue is her colour.

: in a potty training attempt, some gross things got smeared on things that should never touch such gross things, prompting an immediate bath.

: it really isn't fair that the going gets rough when we, the parents, are at our foggiest. 

: we did get some sleep. 

: just in time for me to nurse a high fever and stay awake from 3am to 6:30am with two children, all by myself when the wife went to work.

sigh. enough of that.

now on to the knit-babble that happens every wednesday. you know i must be really sick if i wasn't able to do a heck of a lot of knitting over the last few days. anyhoo, the majority of the march projects' progress i'm about to share with you was accomplished over the past weekend, before the virus got to me.

project #1: sadie baby dress
deadline: march 9

progress: the dress is going well but definitely won't be finished on time to celebrate the girl's first birthday. no matter, she has a back up dress and shawl that will do just lovely for the occasion. 
setbacks: mercifully, none. just general illness.

deadline: march 19

progress: i'm nearly done my fourth pair of socks ever. the first pair of socks i knitted for the wife have a hole in them. as do the second pair. and then the third, the boy didn't like wearing. so i'm hoping for better results with the fourth.

setback: i've broken three double-pointed needles in the process of knitting this first sock. the boy sat on the first needle. i tried on the sock prematurely and snapped the second needle. so i had to buy an emergency set of nickel-plated needles, of which, i've already bent one of the set by sitting on it. hrm.

project #3: hoodie
deadline: march 24

setback: i had to rip back all 21cm of my first attempt at the hoodie because i was knitting too loosely an my gauge was about 4 stitches off. so i started over with smaller needles. while i'm behind on my "homework" for the class i'm taking, i'm glad i ripped it back. i'll just have to focus on making sure i at least have the front and back of this sweater ready in 2 weeks. i remain optimistic.

progress: i'm all caught up, i've knit 21cm up to the part where i have to set up for the cables. i'm kind of stoked about that


as for oatmeal pullover, there has been no progress at all. it has taken a bit of a back seat so looks looks exactly the same, as last week's report. i'm hoping to get to it this weekend as well. at the advise of some ravelry friends, i tried it on and the sleeves are too long. more ripping back but less knitting. which means i can finish the other sleeve in no time. i just need to get to it.

i'm enjoying these projects though and look forward to the finish line.


now, virus, really - it's time to go. i'm very behind for that  very special first birthday i'm planning for. it's time to bugger off.

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