Thursday, March 29, 2012

knit parade: one hexi-puff

i've been sharing all manner of project updates over the last little while and all i have to show for is one little hexi-puff.

what is a hexi-puff, you ask? it's a little piece in a pattern called the beekeeper's quilt by tiny owl knits. 

the plan is to cover my tired, uninspired, office chair with hexi-puffs made with scrap sock yarn from projects past. the yarn i used for this project, for example, is left over from socks i knit for both the wife and the boy and a pair of little slippers i knit for the girl.

the wife has since worn out her socks. i have no idea where the boy's socks are anymore. and the girl barely wore hers because when i remembered to put them, her feet were too tiny. so they've since been relegated to the role of christmas ornaments.

the point is, when i knit my first hexi-puff, i was flooded with memories of my loves. which, of course, is bliss; and makes me want to knit more. 

anyhoo, it's going take a while, but each wee thing doesn't take too long to knit up and i expect i'll have a decent pile in which to cover my chair with memories i can sit on soon enough.

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