Monday, March 5, 2012


i'm listening to an audio book for the first time.  and i have mixed feelings about this new "adventure." 

i've been listening to the hunger games trilogy.

on one hand, i find the narration just a tad irritating. much as i like carolyn mccormick, why on earth is she narrating the hunger games? if a book is written in the first person shouldn't the narrator sound the age of the protagonist? as it is, i can't help but picture katniss only as catherine mckormick in her mid-thirties as the prosecutorial psychiatrist in the early law and order years. and that would be poor casting indeed.

on the other hand, i'm addicted. i can knit, do the dishes, clean up a bit, AND, enjoy a little bit of fiction. 

i am utterly in love with technology. 

but i really  do miss just being able to enjoy a good book in the hand, bound, and printed on paper. 

thank goodness one of our really good friends is an avid reader because we have a copy of the actual book lying around. and i can't get catherine mckormick's overly insistent, overly inunciated narrator voice out of my head. i have grown accustomed to it - even as i'm reading the actual book by the light of my iphone. 

these are the concessions of mommyhood + wanting to have it all = no sleep and technology overload.  

the iphone and the audiobook will most likely win out every time.

i know something's gotta give. i just don't wanna quite yet.

it's going to be a ridiculously busy week - and i think i'm coming down with the cold the wife and the boy are nursing again. so i'll leave you with my favourite images from sunday - in the hopes that their spirit will provide some reprieve over the bustles and pressures of the week. 

we're preparing for an important first birthday after all. 

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