Monday, March 26, 2012

one day a week: trying new things

after a very long stretch of illness, which included a visit from my parents, our little family is finally coming back to centre. this weekend, we spent our one day a week trying new things.

i got up very early in the morning to attend my very first knitting class.

the boy went to his very first art class.

and we got a new book to read. a new family fave.

it was a ridiculously beautiful day.

we attended the very first birthday party the boy has ever been invited to, outside of family. which meant a fabulous opportunity to return to granville island.

the girl had her first encounter with ducks and geese. if she had it her way, we would be in the water   with them.

and then we all knocked out together at 8pm, an indication to be sure that it was a very good day indeed. (though i got myself up again at 9:30pm where i knit for 3 hours whilst discovering season one of game of thrones. but that stolen moment is another matter all together.)

it has been too long since our last one day a week adventure. now if only the weather would cooperate long enough for a walk in the woods. i've been talking about that for nearly a year now.

but first, there is another birthday to plan for. and perhaps just a bit of last minute crafting. we'll see.

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