Wednesday, February 29, 2012

what ambition looks like, part two: (more) works in progress knit parade

despite the fact that i've already got some projects on the needles, it seems i couldn't stop myself from casting on for four more. that's right, four: something for each of us.

and i have set myself march deadline for each of these projects.

no. i'm not crazy. i absolutely realize i am not likely to finish any of these projects on time. but i continue to have high hopes. because i am delusional optimistic and ambitious - my paying job, housework, mothering, blogging, and sleep, notwithstanding.

project #1: sadie baby dress
deadline: march 9

yarn: quince and co tern
lovely, lovely yarn with fabulous definition and the sweetest sheen.
would make a lovely shawl.
i wish i had gotten it in back bay blue though.
the girl looks fabulous in blue

reason: i am hopeful that i will finish in time so the girl can wear this as her birthday dress
feasibility: downright impossible. she will probably wear it in april. or more likely, may. 


deadline: march 19

yarn: madelinetosh sock yarn
probably one of my favourite colourways ever, plaid blanket. 
reason: a gift to the wife for upcoming anniversary
feasibility: fair. i've made 2 inches of progress on the first sock since i took this picture. the yarn is unbelievably yummy and i really do enjoy knitting with sock yarn for some reason, however long it's taking. i'm finding it very hard to put down.


project #3: hoodie
deadline: march 24

yarn: spud and chloe sweater
reason: i am taking a knitting class on finishing and i'm to apply what we learn to a project i would like to finish properly. 
feasibility: no clue. i am working with cables for the first time. i'm determined. but we shall see.


project #4: oatmeal pullover (a.k.a my very first adult-sized sweater)
deadline: anytime in march

yarn: quince and co puffin
another fave.
it feels like unspun yarn in the hand:
soft, warm, and light

reason: because it's nearly finished
feasibility: likely to be finished very soon. i'm nearly done with the first 3/4 sleeve and so i'll be itching to get the second one done and ready. even though it's knit in relatively bulky yarn, i have i feeling i'll still be able to wear it before spring is over.

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