Thursday, February 9, 2012

favourite things

the entire household is stuffed up. and while it hasn't been all that bad, on the sluggish days i hang on to the blessed, blessed little things that turn a day around: my favourite things.

: nearby train tracks 

: that she loves taking self-portraits with me. and the gap in her front teeth.

: this roar face.

: what prompted this smile.

: and the tulips she gave me earlier this week. palest pink. my favourite.

: this snack cum confection from a recipe i found here. its basically a brown rice crispy treat but with no marshmallows - only whole food ingredients. plus chocolate. (aside: i  doubled the recipe knowing this would be a hit. there's a modicum of refined sugar (only in the chocolate) so you can almost feel virtuous eating it. at least this is what i tell myself. and i choose to be very gullible. so gullible, i think i at half of it all by myself. hmmm.) 

what of your favourite things can be a game changer in an otherwise not-so-favourite day? 

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