Wednesday, February 8, 2012

knit parade: four new hats for spring

i have an addictive personality.

and i am addicted to knitting hats.

in fact, it was when i knit my first hat that i fell in love with knitting. i was amazed that i was able to make something immediately wearable with my hands. it felt like such an accomplishment.

it still does.

here are a few hat's i've just finished.

for the boy
i've had this hat started in my basket for a while now. so happy it's finished. 

pattern: roar
yarn: spud and chloe sweater

the pattern was so simple and easy to follow. definitely a go-to hat pattern for boys - with or without the spikes. i had to bribe the boy with chocolate to wear the hat. he won't wear it outside the house either. i think i might be giving it away to a friend.

pattern: rib-a-roni
yarn: berroco blackstone tweed

the boy thinks this one has too many "sparkles." it's berroco blackstone tweed - which is soft and knits up well enough but i was not a fan of its nubbly fragile hand. i have knit this hat pattern 5 times now and it's still love: simple, masculine, and flies off the needles.

i'm so in love with this superman shirt.

much as i love the hat, i intentionally knitted for a full inch longer than i was supposed to before decreasing so it's sized a lot bigger than i expected. 

ah well. another hat is forthcoming - a blue and grey roar without spikes. the boy has requested it. but then again, he requested a scarf and hasn't worn it, either. ah well. a knitting mama can only hope.

for the girl
i've been wanting to try this hat pattern for ages. such a fun and quick knit! i'm not terribly fond of knitting with cotton but this organic cotton from knitpicks has fantastic stitch definition. 

pattern: children's cotton hats
yarn: knitpicks organic cotton worsted

i like the pattern so much, i memorized it and made two. the girl is modelling at the moment but this one will be a gift for a friend's daughter, who i can't wait to meet!

pattern: children's cotton hats
yarn: mission falls 1824 cotton

it's just as well i couldn't get a decent shot of the girl wearing the second hat. it's a bit small for her. she's got a cold. and she's teething, so her shirt is soaked. and this way, if the intended recipient's mama happens upon this blog, she'll still be surprised when she gets it! 

incidentally, this sudden burst of hat knitting is brought to you by a "knit-along" (KAL) hosted by luvinthemommyhood where she featured my hat and mitts in a round-up post! how cool am i? very.


  1. aww, all three are so cute!! great hats.

  2. thanks julie! i appreciate your comment!