Monday, February 27, 2012


i turned 36 this weekend. and i am not at all surprised to feel just fine about it.

we celebrated just the way i like it best: quietly and without ceremony. but marked with the smallest and sweetest of special touches.

spent only with the people i adore (which includes my wonderful cousin who volunteered to watch the kids so that the wife and i could enjoy the day together).

doing only the things i felt like doing.

greeted by the most thoughtful friends and family, both near and dear, as well as far and away. (my sincerest thanks!)

i know i talk a lot about gratitude in this wide space. and it's because at 26, i could not have predicted that this would be my life at 36.

surrounded by love and affection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

i was and continue to be careful what i wish for. and although i continue to have so much more to learn, career aspirations, life goals, and destinations to reach with the wife, not to mention the journey of our children's dreams ahead, i really couldn't wish for anything more. 

my son beat me to blowing out my candle every time, anyway.

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