Monday, February 6, 2012

one day a week: park visit

our new life schedule has afforded us only one day a week without obligations of any kind: one day a week where chores take a back seat to anything else one of us wants to do; one day where we, all of us, can go at our own pace, do our own thing, and really savour what we're doing.

i have been wanting to go for a walk to the park all week. we haven't been since the new year.

we all enjoyed the air and space to stretch outside of our everyday, together. 

the girl took her first steps on park grounds. 

we had our first family picnic - ever. the boy currently pronounces it "peck-neck" (which i love).

i packed leftovers from breakfast.

and tried not to cry over spilt juice.

the boy tried his hand at fishing.

and experimented a bit. he concluded tonight, when i put him to bed, that he didn't know how. i told him we'd work on it and learn how to catch fish together. 

he also told me that going to the beach was his favourite. 

next time, he'll be wearing rain gear from head to toe.

and i had an opportunity to take photos. 

it was colder than we expected by the water so i think the wife was a bit chilled. but i know she was as rejuvenated and refreshed as i was.

we even had a meaningful conversation when the kids were in the stroller on the way home.

good times.

i love me some zero dollar adventures with something for everyone, don't you? 

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