Wednesday, February 15, 2012

knit parade: works in progress

alas, i don't have any finished knits to show you today.  

i have found myself with a modicum  of "spare time" lately, after the wife and kids have gone to bed.

and i have found myself to be quite productive during this time of day: cleaning. re-organizing the kitchen, doing the day's dishes, making the wife her lunch, etc... serenely, leisurely, with quiet enough to hear myself think. 

which means this is also the time of day that affords me the moment to reflect on the time we spend together and blog a little. 

i'm a little in love with this time of night. though i do miss the wife a lot. and the knitting suffers just a tad - but not too much.

at the last minute for example, i knit the wife another bandana cowl in black. i haven't photographed it yet but i'll do once it's blocked and drapes as it should.

i've also been trying to work my way through my work basket.

this is an oatmeal pullover i'm knitting for me - my very first adult sweater! i'm hoping it fits me well... 

it's a thicker sweater than i want to be wearing this time of year but i love knitting with the yarn and can't wait to see how it turns out.

this is supposed to be a toddler cowl of sorts for the girl. but i think it's more likely to be used in the fall, at the pace i'm going.

and finally, this is a bulky baby blanket, intended to have been this winter's stroller blanket. but as its practically spring and i'm mad at it, i don't think i'll make it. 

i'm having trouble casting off because the stitches are supposed to line up properly and i can't quite tell what i'm doing when i'm knitting at night. the eyes play tricks because the colours are close in hue. i'm hoping i'll get a chance to finish the blanket in daylight. we will see.

i have a couple more projects i'm trying to get to but if i'm being honest, i'm enjoying being more leisurely about the things i have to do, as well as the things i want to do. there's something restful - even luxurious - about feeling productive while i take my time completing a task - knitting included.

so, while i'm hoping to share a finished sweater as soon as possible, i'm going to bask in my own pace for a bit and see how it goes - before the tides change yet again and this special "me time" flows back from whence it came.

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