Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sticking to the stash

i love blank pages and new beginnings. so i can't deny that every new year, i make resolutions. i usually like to (non-comittally) dance my way around calling my "intentions," resolutions. but this year, let's just say that i am actually resolute.

let me show you why.

the working projects basket
what i'm working on right now. i have a few projects on the go, you see. i am all delusion ambition and think everything is possible because i don't need sleep making time for me to unwind is important.

the scrap basket
yarn leftover from projects past, standing by for projects present and projects future.

frog basket
this one is scary. i know. these projects didn't quite work out for various reasons. i now have to "frog" (rip it) these uglies so i can salvage the yarn.

(drum roll please) 

the 2012 stash
full of possibility

go ahead. i know you're thinking it. that's an obscene amount of yarn. to my credit, i do share some of this stash with the wife (who i converted to knitting again).

the 2012 stash is a collection of carefully curated (obsessed over) treats that i allowed myself to have after swearing the following oath with both my knitting hands held high: 

in 2012 i solemnly swear not to buy yarn. i resolve only to knit, not buy. i will resolutely stick to the stash in the interest of living with less. so help me, goddess of online shopping.*

*all projects in 2012 will be knit exclusively from the 2012 stash, scrap, and frog baskets unless there is a yarn emergency (like running out of existing yarn to finish a project, for example). also i got gift certificates for christmas 2011. so any yarn purchased with the 2011 gift certificates already counts as part of the 2012 stash. 


  1. I solemnly swear I will stick to my stash basket, even though i am tempted by the jewels at Sweet Georgia that you SHOULD NOT have told me about ;)

  2. ha! good luck! i'm already tempted to start my resolution next week, you know... beginning again with the chinese new year. ;)