Thursday, January 19, 2012

wishing for snow

much of the west coast has been experiencing snow storms. 

and i have snow envy.

the snow we get in south vancouver is equivalent to the snow that heralds spring in toronto.

i have been wishing to wake up to a pristine blanket of white outside my window every year since the boy was old enough to appreciate the idea of building a snow man.

as it is, we've had to go up a mountain to enjoy a bit more full coverage.

and we do embrace the snow we get.

but being that it's only january (and at the risk of friends who believe that snow should only be enjoyed up a mountain)...

i will keep wishing for just one day of gorgeously soft, slow-falling, flaky confectioners' sugar snow. 

we promise 
we'll watch the snow fall
build a snow family
make snow angels
throw snowballs
go tobogganing 
let the girl crawl around in it
drink really good hot chocolate
eat soup

photo taken by the wife 

don't get me wrong. i love living in vancouver. i love that it rarely ever gets as cold as it does in all the other provinces. 

but the first real snowfall of the year where the entire world looks freshly iced? that i really miss.

plus, i'd really like an opportunity to show my kid that there are far better, more hygienic ways to enjoy snow.


  1. well you better come visit then! we have lots of snow...well not as much as most of BC but still respectable! mind you in comes with a -16 temp + windchill. LOL

    1. lol oh how i wish we could! i don't mind the -16 temp.. as long as we're all properly bundled and hot chocolate is waiting inside. xoxo