Wednesday, January 18, 2012

knit parade: experiments with colour

pattern: toddler vest by sam lamb
i originally  made the vest for the boy last april. i meant to knit a longer sweater vest so that it would fit him for a while. alas, according to the wife, the sweater was far too "girly." i disagree. but it so happens that the sweater vest/dress suits the girl much more than it suits the boy after all. and it should fit for a while so i am mighty pleased.

yarn: diamond luxury superwash with noro kureyon stripes
both yarns were nice to knit with but a bit scratchier on the skin than i would like. the diamond luxury yarn is already pilling. but knitting with noro is always fun because the colours always reveal themselves unexpectedly. i think i'll try noro silk garden next time.


pattern: tulips for baby
inspired by yarnharlot, i bought this pattern as a kit at lettuce knit when we were last in toronto. i accidentally went 3 needles sizes up, which meant that the sweater came out larger than intended. which also, happily, means the girl will be able wear the sweater well into next year. i would probably rearrange the colour if i had to do it over again though.

yarn: dream in colour classy
the yarn feels good in the hand to knit. lovely semi-solid colourways. machine washable. minimal to no itch. what's not to love?