Tuesday, January 10, 2012

new ride

today's adventureincluded picking up a used commuter bike for $30.00.

"dory" the bike (because she is blue) will henceforth become the family vehicle, chauffeuring the wife and kids around the neighbourhood, taking the wife to work (and other such escape routes and errands), trailing the kids to school, to infinity, beyond, and back home again.

what's up, dory. we hope you like your new home on our front porch and that the superficial rust on your fenders work with the bike lock to keep you from getting stolen when you're on the go. and if you're ever about to fall apart, please give us like, really obvious signs that we shouldn't ignore. cool?

thanks. we like you already.

(yes. i realize i'm talking to a bike on my blog. i also know that there are two disney movie references in this post. it's been a very long day. i'm tired. and finding this bike was a family effort. so it must be commemorated.)

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