Tuesday, January 3, 2012

milestones on the second day of the year

yesterday, my nearly three year-old son made scrambled eggs with little assistance. that is, he cracked three eggs, scrambled them, waited for the truffle butter to melt, poured the eggs in, and scraped the pan frequently until i declared them done. i decanted, of course. but - the result was meltingly good eggs. proud and hungry, he devoured his creation.

my nearly 10 month-old daughter has been daring herself to walk these last weeks. over the course of the day we witnessed one step, two steps, then three steps. decidedly, victory was hers. i swear, this girl went from newborn to almost-toddler in two weeks.

to you, this may look like a really dirty chair. but to me, it represents reckless abandon, courage, and bliss.

i didn't have the heart to clean the chair. i wanted to look at it some more. 

the chair is clean now. but i didn't do it.


  1. Things I love about this:
    the dino tails, (so cute!!)
    your lovely voice, very inspiring
    audrey walkin! She looked close the other day, i'm not at all surprised.
    zeph cooking good food, just like his mamas :)

  2. thanks celia! i look forward to your return to blogging, too! xoxo