Monday, January 16, 2012

storming and norming

it's incredible when at last, it happens.

when the younger babe is strong enough and has the wherewithal to stand up and purposefully walk towards wherever her older brother happens to be: just to see what he's doing and to find out just what there is to explore in the vicinity.

then, there is the older babe - who is not only strong enough to roll all over/push/hit his little sister or grab whatever she's holding out of her hands (because he can)- but also has the autonomy, vocabulary, and self-awareness to say things like: 

"sister, don't do that!"
"sister's breaking my dolphin!"
"don't eat that, sister!"
"sister's hurting me!"
"momma, take sister away, please?"

and then there are more miracles.

sometimes these miracles last up to 10 minutes: the promise of a budding 'frien-emy" and ultimate loyalty that comes from growing up together and weathering the tribulations of being raised by their moms.

but these days, mostly, i cling to the hope that i can someday
cook a meal 
clean a bit
read again 

- without having to resort to turning on the television (more than "necessary" anyway).

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