Wednesday, January 25, 2012

knit parade: accessories for everyone

i'm fairly new to the knitting world. but because of ravelry, i have come to the realization that there are all kinds of knitters: sock knitters, sweater knitters, etc. i am what they call an advanced beginner. but also, i seem to fall in the “accessory knitters” category most of the time because i am all about instant gratification. I plan to diversify anon.

but for now, i want to show you some of the things i've made recently.

for the wife
i surprised the wife with this last-minute gift in her stocking this year. she has barely taken it off since she got it. which means she can be guaranteed more knitted gifts in her future.

i loved knitting this cowl. it required very little yarn and it was such a fast knit. i see more of these on my needles in the future, for sure! the yarn was so soft and supple to work with. really delicious and definitely on the “want-to-knit-with-again” list.

pattern: bandana cowl
for the girl
thanks to the generosity of friends and neighbours, the girl is not wanting for sweaters. but I was thinking of keeping her core warm in spring when I saw this pattern and how adorable she would look in her very own baby shawl! i knitted the larger size because growing is just what she does. and it’s love. it’s sizing quite a bit larger than I had hoped, so I just might knit her the smaller size anyway because it's such a fun and fast knit.

for me!
I knit for my family all the time, but I’m gonna let you in on my dirty little secret. I love knitting for myself. like a lot. alotalotalotalot. such a silly and wonderful indulgence, but there it is.

this is my second simple pleasures hat.

the first hat was a knit for me but the wife loved it so much, she stole it. so this hat, i knit for myself. because she would never wear these colours. heck, ask anyone who’s ever known me. i have never worn these colours. but vancouver winters are so dreary, i've found myself injecting bits of yellow and green in my home and in my wardrobe of late.

pattern: simple pleasures hat
yarn: malabrigo lace and knitpicks aloft held together

i felt so clumsy knitting with lace weight yarn but the results were worth it. the hat is light and airy but so warm. and it has the perfect slouch. plus, the texture that happens when you add a “hairy yarn” to the mix makes it “pettable.” yes. you would pet my hat if you saw it. it looks that soft.  i have to say though, i am not really a big fan of knitting with hairy yarn (aloft is the hairy yarn. the malabrigo was lovely. malabrigo is always lovely). it sometimes felt like I was knitting with cat hair, to be honest. but the hat, i am in love with. and it feels nothing like cat hair when you're wearing it. 

i also made myself a pair of mittens.

i am so. in love. with these mittens. such a wonderfully simple pattern that will always yield unique and beautiful results depending on the yarn you use. i'm already itching to make another pair. i knit the mittens longer than required because i wanted gauntlets to wear with 3/4 length sweaters. i didn't do a great job. i typically fudge a few things here and there when i'm knitting something new. but i'm alright with the results. my favourite yarn of all (so far in my knitting life) is not only snuggly and warm and downy and bouncy - has a hand-spun quality that is slightly irregular, add to that the fact that its hand-dyed, malabrigo worsted forgives mistakes by its very nature

for the boy
I made this scarf for the boy, at his request so that he could match the dog he insisted on taking home with us one day.

the boy won’t wear it.  that is all.


  1. Just found your blog through Ravelry. I just started a bandana cowl last night, and stopped before the short rows. I'm going to try it tonight, and am hoping it goes smoothly. I'm a beginning knitter myself, and also into knitting lots of accessories, mostly for me!

    I'm excited to keep reading your blog. The picture of your family at the top is so sweet.

  2. thanks so much for your comment! so kind of you!

    good luck with your bandana cowl. i pretty much botched up my first short row projects but purl has such a great tutorial and once i got the hang of it i didn't want to stop! i'd love to see it once it's done!

    ps i checked out your blog too. made me salivate. :)

  3. That bandana cowl is so awesome. I neeeeeeeeeed to make one!
    And i totally agree about the malabrigo, such lovely yarn! I'm really bad at knitting two of one thing, so I have a really nice malabrigo hand warmer that I knit last year, stashed next to the remaining half-skein. One hand warmer.
    Those mittens look really nice, tempted to try em out! (Maybe I should frog the hand warmer??)

    1. the mittens were actually fun to make! but i hear you about making two of one thing. what's driving me forward is getting through the stash. and i have a nervous tick when i'm not knitting and i can be.