Wednesday, January 11, 2012

knit parade

and now some knitting to share...

old knits

hat pattern: rib-a-roni by jane tanner
i originally made this hat for the boy last spring. i'm so happy it still fits. i love the pattern and have made 2 more but already lost the newer one. sigh.

yarn: mission falls 136 merino superwash
the yarn is nice because it's 100% washable merino wool - which means i can put it in the washing machine. but there's just a hint of an itch which i think the boy has gotten used to. discontinued now though.

blanket pattern: super easy baby blanket by whitney van nes
i began making this blanket for the girl when we found out the wife was pregnant. it was finished the week before she was born. the pattern is such a fantastic mindless knit, i'd love to make a larger version for the couch in a cotton/wool blend someday. but for now, the blanket regularly lives in our stroller(s).

i bought a huge stash of this yarn two years ago at dressew for $2/skein and its a great basic yarn because it's soft and woolly. also discontinued.  

new knit
pattern: classic raglan sweater by jane richmond

i meant to get this sweater under the tree for the boy last month. but that didn't quite happen. i think i finished the sweater shortly before the new year. anyway, i'm in love the way it turned out! 

the pattern was a really great way to learn how to make a sweater. the construction is so clean and it all worked up so quickly! i vow to make one for both my babes every year until the pattern runs out of sizes on me.

the only snag? the pattern starts with some knitting back and forth. and i found out far too late that i don't purl correctly. what i had been (tragically) doing for three years has been yielding a twisted stockinette stitch. see the difference between stitches from the back? yeah. that's not part of the pattern. only a rather "cool effect" of my own unique brand of knitting. (yes. i do keep telling myself that, thank you.)

yarn: spud and chloe sweater
one of my absolute favourite yarns it's 50% wool and 50% organic cotton - which makes anything i make with it wearable year-round in vancouver. the yarn is soft in the hand and comfortable on the skin because it has no itch. you can bet your bottom dollar this yarn will always find a home in my stash and on my kids!


and in case you were wondering, this was the last thing i saw when i dropped the boy off at preschool today.

everything's gonna be all right.


  1. I love this post and I love your blog! That raglan pullover is beautiful. I want to cast on for one right this second. All your knitting is beautiful though. I will pm or email you more on all thoughts life and knitting.

  2. ava!!! so glad to hear from you... and thanks for the lovely compliments.

    looking forward to hearing all about you, too. and seeing your wonderful knitting and crocheting again! xoxo back