Thursday, February 2, 2012


we're four days into the wife's first week back at work.

it hasn't been terrible. 

the kids have been managing well. the girl still cries a bit for our sitter. but all in all they're becoming friends. 

the boy, he's nice and settled in preschool. 

the wife is revitalized by the break in toddler-baby groundhog days. 

i am coming down from my own change management anxiety, despite the fact that i'm up with the girl at 5am every other day.

but all in all, i'm looking forward to the days when we can leave the patio door open and enjoy the outside, in. 

out and about, evidence of springing activities is everywhere.

so of course, i am all optimism.

because despite punxsutawney phil's shadowy perspective,

spring'a already arrived in vancouver. 

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