Tuesday, April 24, 2012

knit parade: baby surprise jacket

as promised, the knit parade continues.

here's a little something i've been meaning to show you for a while. 

the baby surprise jacket is a legendary knitting pattern in which you follow elizabeth zimmerman's (legendary knitting guru extraordinaire) pithy instructions to yield a finished object that begins looking like this.

and then magically looks like this after a bit of seaming.

i finished this project a while ago back when i knew even less than i know now about knitting.  (just look at the girl at 7 months old wearing it.)

my yarn choices weren't ideal. i certainly would not choose the same yarn for this project again. i love the colours but choosing two different yarns, one mostly alpaca, the other mostly cotton, makes the garment kind of fragile and not as hard-wearing as it needs to be for toddler living.

both fibres also stretch, a lot...  which is great, in a way, because the girl can wear it now. so while i love how the girl looks in it, it's kind of a monet of a project. i wouldn't let you get too close.

it's such a cool pattern though. i've already bought the yarn to make the girl another one for the fall. see? 

(yup, that's right. if you're keeping track, you would know that i shouldn't have bought new yarn. taking a knitting class in a yarn shop was not a good idea. thankfully, class is over. but i am left still wanting to buy more yarn. the cycle never ends. in fairness, i only bought the two balls of noro at 30% off. the fibre company canopy yarn was already in my stash.)


  1. naughty girl, you vowed to buy no new yarn! love the sweater though. is it easy enough for me who only knits squares/rectangles, and can only garter and purl?

    1. yes! it's all just knit knit knit with some fun decreases that are just enough of a challenge but it' s one of those just follow the instructions, have faith, and everything will be all right!

      i want to start the one for a - maybe we could do that together when you come for a visit so i can walk you through the tricky bit!


      (i know i've been bad. there were 3 other skeins of trouble. i've admitted to the wife that i have a problem. she is keeping me in check. thank goodness.)