Sunday, April 29, 2012

knit parade: 3-season cowl in earl grey

i finished a cowl for me!!!

it's a bit late in the season here to be wearing a wool cowl but i don't care.  the pattern is annie by jane richmond and i made it using a madelintosh tosh dk... so it's a lighter weight yarn than i would normally wear in the winter anyway. 

the colour is called earl grey and i love it. i bought the yarn in kelowna, on vacation last summer. yes. i bought wool in the summer because this yarn would not just let me be.

it's a long enough cowl that you can loop it twice (my fave) or up to three times (which would be good in winter). it was pretty simple to work up, too... kind of obsessive and mindless at the same time. good tv knitting.

that's right. i did stop to take pictures of myself while pushing the stroller. and these are the faces i saw when i thought i should check on the kiddos.

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