Wednesday, April 11, 2012

knit parade: a little carried away with the easter toy making

i couldn't help it, it was addictive going through my yarn scraps and making things work.

i didn't quite knit an army of ducks and bunnies - but i made four of these... well, i completed 3. they are reversible duck to bunny toys... 

see? so fun! my kiddos each got one and i sent one home with our nanny for her daughter.

i'm making this one for my nephew. i don't have to finish it until june.

but i am absolutely delighted with these! the pattern is called fat robin. 

i made one for each of the kids. they were a hit.

and of course, they love taking the eggs in and out of the birdies' "tail feathers".

i'm working on a nest these little ladies can share... i do wish i found a way to stuff the birds with beans or something because they won't sit flat without something to prop them up and it's kind of late in the game to do so. oh well.

both the toys were designed by susan b. anderson and i found the pattern and construction unfussy and easy to follow - not to mention so much fun! i need to get better at making the faces though. more difficult than it looks.

i see more toy-making in my future. in fact i'm already hatching christmas toy-making plans for the boy and the girl. we'll just have to see if i make it all happen on time.


and check out this basket - it's full of finished knits just waiting to be blocked and then seamed! 

if i get my butt in gear on all the blocking and seaming, next week's posts will be quite the knit-centric one. 

*big grin*


  1. I have a whole big book titled "Knitted toys: Over 80 easy-to-make gifts" just in case you need any ideas or patterns. Hmmmm... now I'm feeling inspired (but must finish sweater first!)

    1. oooh! i'd love to see the book! and the sweater - how is it going? haven't seen you around lately!

  2. are you serious?! those are so SO cute! i want to knit the fat robin right now. eggs and all. how completely awesome!!! xo

    1. thanks! still working on the nest but kind of dragging my fingers because other project and other demands call. can't wait to see what you come up with!!!