Tuesday, April 17, 2012

knit parade: i feel a blue hat binge coming on

well if monday didn't ever kick my butt! 

i hope your week started on a better note. 

let's talk about knitting, shall we? 

i finished this hat for the boy recently.
pattern: turn a square
yarn: spud and chloe scraps
apparently, the boy "can't like" this hat. he only wants to wear his dinosaur hat now. 

so i suggested this morning that we add spikes. then he can have have 2 dinosaur hats!

now,  just look at this! 

this lovely bundle of blue represents five hats queued for the making! i'm not sure why but i've been wanting to knit nothing but blue lately. 

maybe because the ocean is no longer walking distance. maybe because these blues are calming and exhilarating all at once. or maybe because i've been knitting a ton of corally pink of late (you'll see tomorrow, if my photo shoot plans with the girl pull through). or maybe blue is an every time of year kind of colour. 

no matter. it's a blue hat knitting binge and i'm diving right into the sea of it. 

want to join in?


  1. I hope you don't regret selling me the blue and black tweed cascade 220! I am looking forwards to knitting it! I may actually start it tonight, since the shawl is on hold until I get the 6mm needles.

  2. no, no regrets at all! what are you knitting?

    1. hoping to do the heel head scarf. Some day