Wednesday, April 18, 2012

knit parade: a dress for the girl

i made a dress for the girl.

isn't it purdy? (though it really isn't so much coral-pink as i alluded to yesterday, as it is wild salmon pink... hmn.)

yarn: quince and co. tern

these aren't the best shots of the girl in the dress. i'll apologize for the terrible indoor photos right now. these late afternoon shots don't exactly showcase the dress as i see it. but i couldn't wait to show you!

i made a dress! with my bare hands! out of sock yarn! (yay!)

this is what it looks like from the front.

yes, she happens to be burnishing a knife from her kitchen.
(it's made of cloth.)

this is what the dress looks like from the back.

yes, those are an awful lot of magnets.

and i just love the button detail!

yes, it looks like it's busting out already. it's not.
i just don't think i blocked properly. oh well. next wash. 

i loved working with the yarn. this was the first time i ever knit with a wool/silk blend and it was yummy. after blocking, the yarn relaxes and blooms yielding lovely stitch definition, softest squishiness, and a slightest halo. i love the yarn so much i'm planning to save up for enough yarn to make a me-sized cardigan someday!

i think the girl's quite comfortable wearing the dress. i'm hoping she'll get a lot of wear out of it this summer.

yes, she was rough-housing with her brother.

i won't lie. it was a bit cumbersome to knit, what with the yarn being so lightweight and there was 12 inches to just knit and knit and knit... the dress has gorgeous drape though, so it was worth it. 

yes, her toes are munchable. 

seeing the girl with the dress just makes me want to knit another, using the same pattern (which was very simple and easy to follow) with a heavier yarn. we'll see.

(aside: a friend recently told me that she imagined my home with gleaming wood floors and wonderfully organized craft supplies. not so. that there is carpet we did not choose. and that clutter is the "work" of each of my children, and myself. see, there's yarn on the floor. yarn i snipped just moments after this "photo shoot." after the buttons were on, i put the dress on the girl and started snapping photos maniacally hoping to catch just one good shot. there was no time to pick up flung yarn. priorities, you know.)

the knit parade continues next week!

this week hurts. again, not tragically so. but it hurts. send happy thoughts please.

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