Monday, April 9, 2012

on easter

we told him the easter bunny would hide the eggs we decorated so we would have fun finding them.

so we headed to fraser river park once again and the boy had a blast discovering the eggs we worked on together by the riverside beach, along with a few other surprises.

it was pretty magical.

unfortunately, the girl slept through it. but i reckon she'll be wide awake next year and in heated competition with her big brother for easter bunny treats.

i had grand plans for easter. but they all fell through in favour of spending quality time with my loves and of all manner of things that needed to get done (and still do). 

what i'd like to share is that the mad knitting (a rather large knit parade is forthcoming) did give me an epiphany. i am no longer a religious person. but i am spiritual. and what i've realized is that easter is the ultimate celebration of life in that the symbols that abound are the epitome of the chicken and egg conundrum. but it is also a time to reflect on the wonder of the return of green and warmth, a time to start over and embrace a fresh perspective. and chocolate. which means that my meditative efforts into the meaning of easter and what in the world i'm going to tell my children is going to be as cliche as ever. 

the point is, i needed to find my angle. and i think i did. for now. someday, i welcome what i hope will be a lively philosophical banter on the true meaning of every holiday which each of my children.

in the mean time, i'm enjoying the pleasant surprise of seeing life through the eyes of my babes.

discovery. wonder. and then joy. in that order.

i know, right? 

happy easter!


  1. For me, being of a more spiritual and Pagan nature, Easter for me is a holiday steeped in the traditions of the Pagans who celebrated the rebirth of spring, new life, new growth, etc.
    Therefore all this Easter Bunny (who is actually a Pagan Symbol if you google "eastre"), egg decorating, etc makes a lot of sense!

    1. haha it's true - in this day and age, i really shouldn't be publicly musing out loud about these things. i should've googled - though truth be known, it didn't even occur to me i was being lazy.