Tuesday, April 10, 2012

small explorations

quite unexpectedly, our little family went on a little adventure to steveston today (otherwise known as storybrooke). 

the fish obsession continues.

the girl was just happy to have had a few moments of freedom circling the boardwalk with toddler abandon.

best of all, it really was t-shirt weather: the first of its kind in 2012. 

i'm sure we'll be back in the area to explore some more. this time, we won't forget the baby carriers.

in other news, in addition to all the spring cleaning i've been itching to do (and i mean some really deep cleaning, the kind i want to get in the zone for - without littles to distract my desire disinfect, rearrange, reorganize, and redecorate. which, by the way, isn't going to happen), the warm weather has me thinking about recommitting to some of my early new year intentions (not resolutions... if i was resolute, i don't think i would've fallen back on them).

and now i give myself a pep talk to encourage myself to explore the ways in which i can bring fruition to my intentions.

  • choose kind, over matter. every time and always.
  • stay mindful. the word "no" escapes your lips before you even know why.
  • make time to clean more often.
  • do yoga. start. anytime now. the needles will be there after you stretch your body and mind.
  • make whole foods.
  • eat whole foods.
  • make lists and prioritize.
  • stay focused on one task at a time.
  • humble yourself. your ambition will get you nowhere if you intentionally avoid reality. (tsk.)
  • enjoy your family.
  • sleep more so you can find your way back to clarity. (seriously.)

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