Saturday, May 19, 2012

there went swimmy....

the boy's first fish.

remember that episode of bill cosby? the one where rudy's fish, "lamont" dies? well, the day swimmy died was just like that. 

i saw it sink like a stone to the bottom of its tank. and then my heart stopped. what am i going to tell my three year-old about his dead fish? 

i called the wife and waited for her to come home?.

but in the end, the boy was intent on looking at its lifeless body. he even took initiative and grabbed a jumbo knitting needle to get the fish out. when i finally spooned the fish onto a cup to transport its body to its purgatory (the toilet), second before i was to assure the boy that "all drains lead back to the ocean where swimmy belonged," he flushed. 

and that was that.

in other news, the cat is on four different meds, is eating properly, and there is no more vomiting. 

also, the boy and the cat are now deeply bonded. 

that is, the boy is deeply bonded to the cat. she... could use a bit more space.

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