Sunday, May 27, 2012

mothering soundbyte: an angry moment for the boy

son: mom, i want some chocolate milk

me: after nap.

son: no, i want some now.

me: you've already had 2 treats: a penguin cookie and two little 
chocolates. nap first, then you can have some chocolate milk.

son: you make me so angry [hands clenched]

me: i'm sorry i make you angry [hugging him tighter]  but it's my job to make sure that you're not eating too much sweets. (a weak argument, i know). i'm sure i will make you angry many more times again throughout your entire life. 

son: [wide-eyed silence]

me: [tighter grip on the three-year old]

is it... weird, that it makes me proud that he told me he was angry with me? it kind of makes my heart swell a bit.


  1. Well at church today/yesterday (time zone difference) I heard a child tell her mom "I don't like you" repeatedly and told her mother to get away. All the mother could do was smile while onlookers watched the drama.

    Also today I seen Les discipline his nephew on his birthday. He put him in the corner. Its difficult when you have people over and they are saying (not directly of course) that he doesn't need to be disciplined today. Its his b-day. Hahaha.

    God sis in jersey and her husband like saying "you fix your face" to the kids when they seem unhappy with what they have been told. No attitudes allowed.

    Its good though. I like how Z is expressing his feelings. They can't always get their way unless its from the godparents. Hahaha. Pushovers.

    Cousin/Ninong/Uncle Joe

    1. yes. toughest part of being a parent. i can't let things go. i can't just sit by and watch him be bad or belligerent or not to respect what i say. i'm the mom that finds a corner anywhere we might be because there's a lesson that needs to be learned.

      i guess i'd rather not be liked than raise a kid i don't like.

      but as the godparent, or non-parent - you reserve the right to manage him as you please.

      he's a good kid, though. he just can't help being three. hope we get to see you when we come to the t-dot, ninong joe!

  2. haha sounds like my house...hugs usually help.

    The heart of your blog inspires me and I nominated you for the Liebster blog love award.
    Visit my blog to check it out when you have a chance!


    1. oh my, hannah! i am so honoured by your nomination! i have visited your blog and lurked, marvelling the speed at which you knit, your knitting colour choices, and those adorable littles of yours!

      thanks for the love! you've got it right back.


  3. New follower via Hannah from ummashin. I can relate I also have a persistent 3 year old.

    1. lol hi alma! thanks for coming for visitng! i've checked out your blog as well and appreciate your refreshing perspective. i look forward to follow you, too.