Thursday, May 10, 2012

state of mind

: feeling like i'm cleaning all the time and the more effort i put into cleaning and tidying and organizing, the dirtier my home is. especially since we broke our vacuum.

: worried about my elderly cat and her quality of life. the vet's not done with the all the tests that rule out everything that may be wrong with her. and already the words hip arthritis and kidney failure have been thrown around. the fact that hip arthritis is a surety is unsettling. my cat only has 3 fully functioning legs. 

: not surprised that the first two points i've just made are related to the fact that we bought a carpet cleaner and a vacuum cleaner: our mother's day gifts to ourselves.

: embracing the warmth of spring but a bit sad that i have to put my boots away. 

: looking at the first adult-sized sweater i ever made at the blocking table. i haven't looked at it since i finished it. i can't wait to put it on.  

: amazed at how articulate the boy already is, having just turned 3.

: proud of how much the girl fends for herself and stands up for what she wants already, at 14 months old.

: looking forward to celebrating mother's day with parents we met at my prenatal class when i was pregnant with the boy. our kids are the same ages and we so enjoy the time we spend with their family.

: grateful that my wife summons the energy that she does every day.

: impatient for the date we have planned this friday.

: thankful that i have a very sweet cousin who is generous of his time and is so kind and gentle with my babes.

: excited that my brother and his long-time lady friend are coming for a visit in just two weeks.

: hoping my work efforts will pay off. or that i'm not over-thinking the scope of my current project.

: giddy that the poppies are arriving.

: wondering why in the world i'm still up at this time of night. (oh right. the living room still needs a tidy.)

: annoyed that there really isn't enough time in a day. 

: vowing to rethink i how spend my days (again).

: counting each and every one of my blessings. 

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